Learn about the best options to get to Copacabana

There are different options to get to Copacabana, each of them depends on what you have available to take, either having your own vehicle, just arriving at the Alto airport, by land arriving at the inter-departmental terminal, or simply leaving while in the city La Paz.

Private Taxi Option.-

You can choose a Private Taxi transport which will wait for you either at the Airport , either at the Interprovincial Terminal or at a specific point in the City of La Paz or El Alto where you are or at Arrival and take you to Copacabana by reasonable prices, the advantage of this is to be able to have stops in places like «The ZipLine of Tiquina» or «The Tiquina viewpoint» are beautiful places to visit and from which to have an unforgettable experience , the contact options are:

First Option.- Arrival at Aereopuerto del Alto

Once you arrive at this establishment, we recommend you to COVER YOUR BODY AND FACE WELL before going outdoors , since coming from other departments the change from Heat to sudden Cold causes bad feeling (Dizziness, General ill being, Vomiting) , To avoid this, we recommend waiting indoors for at least 30 minutes for your body to cool down to room temperature and before going out, cover your body and face with a good coat.

You can take a vehicle (it can either be a taxi or one of public transport) that leaves you outside the airport, then you should arrive towards 3 street of Avenida 6 de Marzo where you should take a transport that says Strange of which you should ask him to let you go to the Interprovincial Terminal , once in the place you should go to the Right and in the pass you can find this establishment, or if you chose by taxi you can ask him to take you directly to the Interprovincial Terminal , a Once in the place you can see that there is transportation to other locations within the Department of La Paz, take a transportation that seems more comfortable to Copacabana .

Second Option.- Arrival at the interdepartmental terminal

Once there you arrived in La Paz through the Buses (Fleet) in specifically the La Paz Terminal, the first thing when leaving it is to look for the route to the General Cemetery since in front of it is the vehicle stop, this to take a public transport transport to Copacabana.

To get to this place, you leaving the terminal must find a public transport vehicle that takes you up, specifically to Avenida 6 de Agosto (you can do this route yourself on foot but it is too exhausting since it is a too tedious slope ), you should ask the driver to leave you specifically where vehicles are taken to the general cemetery, once this last public transport has been approached, you must ask him to leave you at the General Cemetery Gate then in front of this place is the Stop where There are public transport vehicles to Copacabana , which are “Transport June 6”, “Manko Kapac”, “February 2”, take the one that seems most comfortable for your trip.

If you stayed in the city of El Alto , you must arrive at Calle 3 of Avenida 6 de Marzo, in front of the Parada a Viacha there is transport from which you must take one that mentions Extranca, this public transport line will leave you at reuration of the «Interprovincial Terminal of the city of El Alto», you should ask the driver to leave you in the aforementioned proximity, once in the place, you should go to the right, and at the same time you will see the Interprovincial terminal in which they are located in addition to Copacabana other nearby towns in the Department of La Paz, take a transportation on the lines mentioned to Copacabana.